Terms of Use, Security & Confidentiality

 Welcome! Please take a few moments to read this document, which describes the parameters of therapeutic services for counselling,  psychotherapy, reflexology, psychosomatic therapy and business policies at Ashdale Clinic. 

 1. Confidentiality    

 The content of sessions is confidential. We may occasionally need to discuss therapeutic work with a supervisor or team members as required by members of the associated professional bodies. We do not disclose the identity of any client during professional supervision.                                                                                      

Confidentiality is fundamental to therapy, however, there are limitations in the situations specified below:  

  • Where the professional believes that a client is a serious risk to themselves or others. 
  • Where the client discloses information relating to someone else where a serious risk of harm is identified.
  • The professional may be obliged to contact the client’s nominated emergency contact person, General Practitioner, emergency services and/or Garda, as appropriate.
  • Where a client discloses identifiable information about current  child abuse. As part of our duty to protect children under Children First National Guidelines, we are required to pass on any such details to the TUSLA Services. 

 Should any of the above situations arise the professional will speak with the client before acting where possible.

 2. Data Protection and Record keeping

The clinic maintains confidential electronic records in relation to the client. These records are held in accordance with Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003, Freedom of Information Acts 1997 and 2003, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR EU 2016/679).

3. Session Outline

Session frequency will be agreed upon and are generally weekly or bi-weekly initially with each session lasting either 60 or 80minutes. All sessions will be held either in person at the clinic or online via Zoom.

In the event that multiple sessions are missed or therapeutic engagement is not sustained for a period exceeding six weeks, it is understood that the case will be considered closed, and the therapist shall cease to maintain an active duty of care to the client.

4. Booking information for Online Appointments:

 Please download the newest version of Zoom from https://zoom.us/download for online sessions, in advance of your appointments, you will receive an invitation to join our Zoom therapy meeting via your confirmation email. This will also include a meeting ‘password’ number to provide extra security. To join your meeting, follow the steps when prompted in the zoom link in your confirmation email. 

The agreed time will be yours. In the initial session, you will explore your therapy needs/goals and periodically discuss progress and identify and address issues to work on within the following sessions.

Note: The initial consultation appointment is an evaluation of your therapy needs. It is also a way of exploring whether the therapist’s approach is suitable for your therapy goals/needs. In this regard, please note that you may require an onward referral to an alternative specialist service or clinician within the Ashdale Clinic team or beyond our services.

5. Method of Payment Fees, Receipts and Report Writing

Payment for therapy is made online before the session via the payment link in your confirmation or reminder email . Alternatively the session will be paid for automatically after the appointment with your card vaulted on our system. Any report writing, impact statements or GP report letter writing requested is charged at an hourly therapy rate. Please note that our services do not provide a diagnostic service. Court reports are considered beyond the competence of this client contract. 

 6. Cancellation or Change of Appointments

 A minimum of 24 hours’ notice (1 full working day) is required to cancel a session. If this is not possible, the fee will still be required unless there has been an emergency in which this fee will be waivered. Where possible, we will endeavour to reschedule a session (if you have not been in a position to give 24 hours notice), however, this would be subject to the availability of appointment times.  Please take this into consideration when making your reservation.

 7. Therapist Cancellation

 Substitute arrangements can be put in place in the absence of your therapist, where appropriate, upon agreement with the client. In your therapist’s absence, the session can be delivered by another qualified therapist at Ashdale Clinic where appropriate. 

 8. Commitment to the process

 Having made the decision to attend therapy, it is important that you attend regularly. The process of therapy is working towards healing or overcoming an issue or working towards goals and attending regularly ensures that this process is being undertaken. Irregular attendance will slow down the progress of our therapeutic work when we are aiming towards a satisfactory resolution of issues. However, individuals also need to reflect on their needs and what is reasonable for them in terms of therapeutic attendance. Therapy can be challenging at times and it requires a personal commitment to work through personal emotional, behavioural and psychological change. It is important to discuss your process with your therapist to ensure you receive the appropriate therapeutic support and pacing.

9. Contact outside of sessions

 The telephone number 083 3766565 is for administration use. Please be aware that we may not be able to respond to your call immediately as we may be in a session and messages and emails will only be picked up on an irregular basis throughout the day, we will however reply to all emergency messages as soon as possible. Please note Ashdale Clinic is not an emergency/immediate crisis service. In these circumstances, please contact the appropriate services such as your medical practitioner or emergency services 999 or 112

Dual Relationships and Social Media: Therapists are expected to respect boundaries and expectations about forming relationships online. To preserve the integrity of the therapeutic relationship and protect confidentiality, we would not respond to any requests for “friendship,” business contacts, direct or @replies, blog responses or requests for a blog response within social media sites.

9. Confidentiality for Online Bookings

 If you are attending online therapy via Zoom or telephone, please ensure that you book your appointment at a time that you are unlikely to be disturbed and also that your session can be provided in a confidential space (without interruption by your colleagues or family members depending on where your online therapy is taking place). Should there be someone in your shared space (room), please inform the therapist at the beginning of our appointment. We will need to end the therapy session and reschedule.

In the interest of confidentiality, we require that our sessions are not recorded. Please indicate by clicking these terms and conditions, you agree to this. We also agree to the same unless otherwise discussed.

12. Designated person or next of kin contact:

As we work together we will be committed to your health and welfare. It would be helpful to have a next of kin/close relationship contact that you would nominate to contact in case of an emergency. In providing information regarding the designated person and GP details, you also grant permission to contact, should this be deemed essential. Please fill in these details on the intake form.

13. Low Cost Counselling Program:

At Ashdale Clinic in Blarney, Cork, Ireland, we’re dedicated to providing accessible and low cost counselling and mental health support to our community. Through our low-cost counselling service, we offer professional therapy sessions facilitated by experienced senior therapists, all of whom are master’s-level trainees and on occasion third or fourth year undergraduate degree level counsellors. By ticking this box, you acknowledge that you are aware and agree that your therapy sessions may be conducted by a trainee psychotherapist who is part of our Senior Trainee Program if you are accessing  low cost counselling and psychotherapy.

Our Approach

Our senior level trainee therapists are part of a rigorous Senior Trainee Program, designed to provide comprehensive training and support as they work towards their final qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy. Each therapist undergoes careful selection, ensuring they meet the standards set by Ashdale Clinic and accrediting bodies such as ICP, IACP, IAHIP, APCP, or equivalent. Additionally, our trainee therapists must meet regularly with an Ashdale Clinic  Director and engage in rigorous ongoing supervision to ensure the highest quality of care for our clients.

14. Endings (Termination)

In the normal course of events, you will generally know when you are ready to finish therapy and we will agree together on the work we need to do to prepare for this in a planned way.

We will not suddenly or without warning terminate our contract, except in exceptional circumstances, which would become clear in the course of our work together, which we would fully discuss at that time.

In the event that multiple sessions are missed or therapeutic engagement is not sustained for a period exceeding six weeks weeks, it is understood that the case will be considered closed, and the therapist shall cease to maintain an active duty of care to the client.

15. Ethics and code of conduct

As members of the relevant bodies, we work within the ethical framework for good practice as laid down by these accrediting organisations. Further information on these frameworks can be accessed on the relevant websites or https://lornajean.ie/

16. Our value statement

At Ashdale Clinic , we value compassion, expertise, learning and teaching, high quality, and integrity in our approach to supporting individuals on their journey towards optimal health and well-being.

17. Our mission statement

Our mission at Ashdale Clinic  is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for individuals seeking support for their mental, emotional and physical well-being. We strive to empower our clients through a variety of evidence-based techniques and therapies, tailored to their unique needs, and delivered with the highest level of integrity and quality. We are dedicated to continuous learning and teaching, to ensure that we can provide the best possible care to our clients.