27 02, 2023

Trauma-Informed Polyvagal Theory: Tools to Manage Anxiety and Improve Your Mental Health


Anxiety can be a symptom of underlying trauma, and traditional approaches to managing anxiety may not always be effective for those who have experienced trauma. Fortunately, there are trauma-informed approaches to therapy, such as polyvagal theory, developed by Dr. Stephen [...]

18 02, 2023

Managing Anxiety with Affordable Counselling: Personalized and Evidence-Based Therapy for Better Mental Health


Anxiety is a common mental health ailment that affects millions of people worldwide. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from anxiety are unable to access counseling services due to financial barriers. At Cork Healing Centre, we believe that everyone deserves access [...]

10 02, 2023

The Power of Nature: How Connecting with the Outdoors Can Improve Our Psychological Well-Being

2023-02-10T15:03:32+00:00Personal Development, Psychotherapy|

The connection between nature and our psychological well-being is a fascinating and well-studied topic. 🌳🧠 According to attachment theory, our early experiences with our caregivers shape our attachment styles, which in turn affect how we form relationships with others and [...]