What is Reiki Training Level 1?

The 2 day Reiki Level 1 Training focuses on self-healing as you learn how to take healing into your own hands. Students become a channel for the Reiki energy and are shown all the hand positions for giving oneself, family and friends a full Reiki Treatment as well as other tools and techniques to help you on your personal journey.

You will begin to use Reiki straight away in a safe environment so your confidence can grow over the 2 days.

During the course you will learn and experience:

The History of Reiki

What Reiki is and How it works

The ways in which Reiki can be used

Reiki, Seichim & Sekhem Attunement

Reiki for self-healing, to treat family & friends

Hands on practical sessions

Introduction to Energetics

The Human Energy System / The Aura

The Chakra System

The Aura Scanning, cleansing & Beaming

Learn Techniques to maintain balance