Numerology is an ancient sciense. Similar to astrology it is based on the concept that our personality traits and some life events that we attract in our lives are the result of the energies that are hidden in the numbers of our Date of Birth. 100% clients who decided to understand who they are find this session eye opening. Through understanding the underlying influence of the energies hidden in numbers you begin to understand that the events that are happening in your life are not random and will learn how to manage those energies in a way that it serves you rather than hinders .

60 min session covers the comprehensive analysis of your main life energies. You will discover the nature of the energies (associated with the numbers in your date of birth and spiritual totem animals) that are influencing your life’s events. You will understand how the unbalances energies are manifesting in your life and will learn what can you do to change it. This analysis covers your main supporting energies, your shadow energies (that are there, but you are unlikely to notice it, your life purpose)

120 min session covers all of the above plus your Karmic/ancestral energies. You will learn what repeating programs are running in your family that you have “inherited” (your mothers and fathers lines separately), financial side, relationships, past life.

Systemic Constellations

The process of Constellations can be incredibly transformative, resulting in a shift of energy and a newfound sense of emotional freedom and clarity. These sessions are designed to help you gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships, while also providing you with the tools you need to live your best life. For those who may need additional support after the session, integration support is available to help facilitate the healing process.

Overall, Systemic Constellations is an incredibly powerful healing technique that can help you overcome emotional blockages and gain a greater sense of clarity and emotional freedom. If you are looking for a transformative healing experience, Systemic Constellations may be just what you need! Reachout to have a chat to see if this method can suit you.