Clíona O Hanlon 

Intuitive Bodywork & Energy Healer
Ancestral Healing Facilitation
Therapeutic Coach / Mentor

Energy Healing

Clíona’s life has been a voyage of deep self healing through the many challenges she faced through her own direct experience. From dealing with infant loss, to addictive tendencies, mental & emotional challenges, unexpected and traumatic sudden life changes, Clíona’s quest for the deeper yearning behind her existence began in her late teens. Having explored many traditional medical approaches to her challenges & deeply sensitive nature, she quickly realised a more holistic, gentle approach that dealt with the root cause & not just the symptoms was more effective long term  for her. She has been exploring and working with numerous alternative healing modalities for over 20 years.

Becoming a Mother to her daughter Sienna 8 years ago ignited an even deeper awakening & observation into the multilayered ancestral patterning carried through the lineages of bloodlines from Mother to child. This sparked a deep passion and part of her core purpose in Ancestral healing. She fully immersed herself into inner child work & began to transform old outdated structures and ways of being that kept her captive mentally, emotionally & physically.

She recently trained with Geraldine Ahern to reignite one of her own ancestral healing rituals & modality – Keening – an ancient Irish grieving practice which supports women in moving latent grief out of cellular memory stored in the body.

Clíona believes and endeavours to embody “Peace as our natural state”. The foundations of her work entails supporting & facilitating the removal of obstructions (mental, emotional, energetic) that inhibit this organic state of being.

Clíona work is guided by & deeply trusted in her innate intuition. With this she fuses different modalities together to create a personalised unique and healing experience for each individual.

The intention with her work is to bring energetic coherence back into the body so a reattunement to the natural state of harmony has potential to occur.

In Clíona’s own words :
I am simply a Facilitator of The Remembrance & Reclamation of our Intrinsic Divine Nature
~ supporting you to live and lead a more peaceful & integrated life.

Contact Details

Business Name: Conscious Creations by Clí
Address: Ashdale House Blarney Cork
Practitioner: Clíona O Hanlon
Mobile:+353 (85) 828 2625‬
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: conscious_creations_by_cli
Blarney Clinic: Thursday


  • Auric Clearing & Cleansing
  • Reiki Energy Healing
  • Cacao Plant Medicine Ceremonialist
  • Breath Work & Grounding practices
  • Guided Mediation
  • Keening

Support With

  • Grief & Loss (in any form)
  • Challenging / Unexpected Life Transitions
  • Motherhood (Maiden to Mother)
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Cacao Plant Healing Ceremonies