To afford you maximum safety, I am taking the following steps:

  • Clients must wait in their car or outside the building until I text you to enter the practice. You can then enter wearing a mask and use the sanitizing facilities and request optional gloves upon arrival.
  • A strict no hand shaking policy.
  • Social distancing: The rooms are arranged so that there is at least 2 metres distance between you and your therapist.
  • Hand Hygiene facilities are present including hand sanitizers and added disposal bins.
  • Daily disinfection of all surfaces within the therapy room and facilities between sessions in particular chair surfaces, door handles etc.
  • Discontinuance of certain activities during therapy e.g. water drinking, use of stationary. (clients can bring own water, stationary and pens)
  • For extra safety I invite clients on returning home to immediately remove all clothes and footwear and place in a 60 degree wash. Your therapist will be doing the same.
  • The practice will undergo regular cleaning on a weekly basis
  • Please read our guidelines on when not to attend sessions.