Coaching Psychology

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Coaching Psychology

Coaching provides a welcome opportunity to pause and look inward and to explore what’s working and what may no longer be serving you. Looking at these areas together within a trusted coaching relationship can provide you with the opportunity to declutter your mind, increase self- awareness, boost self-confidence, and give you the opportunity to live more fully and grow in all areas of life.

Backed with the tools and resources developed through positive psychology, coaching can quickly help clients achieve positive results by creating positive change, supporting individuals to overcome various challenges in their personal or business lives.

Coaching Psychology utilises scientific evidence-based approaches that can help clients increase their well-being, improve self-awareness, understand strengths, improve performance, and achieve valued goals. We all have goals we want to reach; challenges we are striving to overcome and times when we might just feel stuck in life.

Partnering with a coach can enable you to change your life, setting you on a path towards greater personal and professional fulfilment. Many people who seek coaching usually have some idea of an area of life they want help with, but it’s through coaching that they begin to gain a deeper understanding of all the different areas in life and how they are all connected.

Martin Seligman the founder of Positive Psychology examined how humans can flourish, succeed, and ultimately improve the quality of their lives. He discovered if we use our strengths and virtues, we can take charge of our own psychological and emotional well-being to achieve and become the best we can be.

Coaching Psychology can support you with:

Being Happy

Figure out your values and align your life to them

Fulfilling Potential

Overcome roadblocks and acomplish goals

Confidence and Self Esteem

Making changes

Get over your fears and change your job or habits

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