The system of Reiki is comprised of three levels, each with its own set of teachings and practices. As practitioners move from one level to another, they are introduced to new tools and techniques to aid in their self-practice. Among the most significant tools are the mantras and symbols – Jumon and Shirushi.

Jumon, which means ‘sound which invokes a very specific cosmic vibration,’ is the Japanese term for mantra. The mantras used in the system of Reiki have also been called ‘kotodama’ or ‘words carrying spirit,’ reflecting the Shinto influences on the practice. In ancient times, the Japanese believed that words had the power to come true and influence the fortunes of those who spoke and received them.

Shirushi, on the other hand, refers to the symbols used in Reiki. Usui, the founder of Reiki, initially taught an early version of the mantras to students in the 1910s, with the symbols being introduced a few years later in 1923. The symbols were provided to act as training wheels, which practitioners could then discard once they had ‘become’ the appropriate energy.

While the mantras and symbols are not necessarily secret, they are only taught to practitioners once they have reached an appropriate level of understanding. These tools are used to support the practitioner’s growth and help them connect with certain aspects of themselves, such as Earth and Heaven Ki. With constant practice, these tools can awaken inner dormant energy and help practitioners realize their full human potential.

If you have received Reiki teachings or are interested in doing so, this article serves as a valuable resource to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the practice. However, it is important to note that this article does not replace the guidance and experiential learning that can only be provided by a Reiki teacher.

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