Positive Psychology Coaching can help you unlock your potential by identifying your strengths and values, and creating a plan to pursue them. By working with a coach, you’ll receive support, guidance, and accountability as you overcome challenges and reach your goals. Here are some of the benefits of coaching:

  • Clarifying your goals and aspirations
  • Providing objective perspectives
  • Navigating change or tough times
  • Developing strategies to overcome obstacles
  • Safe, non-judgmental space for exploring thoughts and feelings
  • Access to tools, techniques, and resources for personal and professional growth
  • Holding you accountable to reach your desired outcome.

During coaching sessions, your coach will work with you to help you achieve your goals and improve your overall well-being. Each session is tailored to your needs and usually involves setting the agenda, reviewing progress, exploring thoughts and feelings, setting intentions, and reflecting and reviewing progress. You will also be given homework to implement new skills between sessions. The length of the coaching relationship depends on your needs. Some may only need a few sessions for a specific goal, while others may continue for a longer period. A complimentary chemistry call will be arranged to determine if the client and coach are a good fit and to discuss your current challenges.

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