This really depends on the specific healing modality utilised. For specific information on each modality please check out the blog. Some modalities  such as Reiki tap into consciousness and create a channel of energy from consciousness  through the practitioner to the client. It is the flow of energy through this channel which facilitates the unique ability of the body to heal itself. When the therapist opens this channel with the client time and space as a consensual construct is collapsed similar to the dream state. The collapse of probability waves is a critical component of the multidimensional realities the mind creates. We collapse probability waves in our dreams just as we do when we are awake. During the healing and dream state, however, the brain has fewer limitations since it needn’t obey sensory inputs that themselves are limited by physical laws, and thus the mind can generate experiences unlike the consensus world we’re aware of during the day. This allows a loosening of the laws that govern the clients waking life and enables new states of being to be generated from deep within the clients unconscious.