Why are the Akashic Records so powerful?

You are a soul currently living in a body. Each soul has something called Akashic Records, which are the energetic records of all souls about their past and present lives, and possible future lives. The Akasha is said to be the library of all events and responses concerning consciousness in all realities. Every living thing has such a record, and they are all stored energetically in the Akashic field. They are said to be accessible by people leaving the physical realm, using spiritual disciplines such as reiki, yoga, meditation, and prayer, to quiet the mind and become a witness to yourself. If a person achieves this state they are preconscious and can access their Records.

You can read your Akashic Records, it just takes some time and practice to learn this skill. But what do you do with the information that you find there? It can be better to go through your records with an experienced therapist assisting you to read and understand them. Teachers of Akashic Record Reading believe that your problems are not happening in a haphazard manner and are not meaningless roadblocks. Reading your Akashic Records can show you that your life is working even when you don’t feel like it is, and that you can move through your life with less resistance when you understand it. You can use your problems as reference points to help you move through your life and you no longer need to feel as though you have to solve them. Reading Akashic Records looks at your past lives as well, and how they may still be impacting negatively on you, and how to clear this up.

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Specialists in this area state that reading Akashic Records are like having the hidden ability inside you to access any piece of information you wanted to know in the entire Universe. You can access the answer to any problem, question or confusion instantly with a glance. There is no information hidden from you. In order to reach this information you have to believe that it is possible; you must stay curious, open minded and willing to experience yourself as more than just a ‘normal’ human being. You must learn to transcend the judgemental mind and look at the Records objectively; if you allow emotion or judgement in here it will taint what you see, or resist certain images.

The Akashic Records can be experienced as a field of alive conscious energy in every moment. There are thoughts and emotions about the moment, and in between these there is consciousness, which is the doorway into the Akashic Records. Accessing these Records is a very powerful thing; you are centered and aligned with the universe, you are truly open. You can access lifetimes of deeply enlightening and spiritual information, giving you an insight into what you most need to know.

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