What Happens in a Reiki Treatment?

During a Reiki treatment, the client is laid on a massage table, fully clothed, eyes closed and listening to gentle soothing music which helps to produce a state of deep relaxation. I follow a sequence of hand positions over the body, usually commencing from the head. At other times, I work intuitively with Reiki going to where I feel there are blockages in the body.

As energy flows most people will feel warmth, heat, tingling or other sensations, some fall asleep or may feel nothing all at. Reiki is a healing experience that is unique for each client. You do not have to feel the energy for it to work. The energy has an intelligence of its own going to where it is needed and works on whatever energy level that is required. Reiki builds up in your system with each treatment received, empowering mind, body and spirit.