What are the Aura Toroidal Fields?

The aura is an energy field that exists around everything, people, animals and non-living things. It is the part of our energy body that extends outside of the physical body. It is a shield, and an energy field that exchanges and processes communication signals. It helps us to interact with the world around us, and helps to relay information into the physical body. The aura doesn’t just extend around us, but it also flows through us.

Toroidal space describes the shape of the energy field around the body as a torus or doughnut shape. The human aura appears as a series of nested spherical torus formations, or toroidal fields. The toroidal fields are titled the etheric layer, the emotional, the mental, the astral, the etheric template, the celestial, and the causal. Each layer of the aura has its own frequency and holds different forms of information.

The etheric layer is the basic life force indicator and easiest to be detected by other people. It is the layer of the aura that is closest to our bodies. In this field we feel physical pain and sensations of pleasure.

The remaining fields or layers are increasingly hard to detect. The emotional and mental layers are often seen as colours, and have to do with our feelings and thoughts. The healthier we are the brighter and clearer these fields will be. The astral layer represents a bridge to your spiritual realm and is the doorway to the astral plane. This field indicates your spiritual health. The etheric template layer communicates physical illness.

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The celestial and causal fields are the hardest to see, and work to connect us to the spiritual world and protect us from the negative aspects of the material world. The celestial aura communicates with those in the spiritual realm, and this is where we feel unconditional love and ecstasy. The Causal aura surrounds all of the other layers and holds them all together. It reflects all the experiences and events that your soul has undergone. It is thought to be your link to the Divine and becoming one with the universe.

You can learn how to get in touch with your aura with Reiki, which is a healing technique during which the therapist channels Reiki energy into your body by means of touch. This works to activate the natural healing processes of the aura, and restores balance and physical and emotional wellbeing. Reiki can be used to heal all sorts of negative conditions such as physical illness, mental conditions and body repair. Anyone can be taught how to do Reiki, either on themselves or others; the ability to pass on healing energy is a fairly easy and straightforward process. For further details on Reiki lessons in Cork an excellent therapist and teacher is Lorna Jean. Use your internet search engine to get details on reiki lessons or reiki classes in Cork.