What Are Etheric Crystals?

These days the realm of spiritual healing is a popular one. More people than ever before are seeking solace from the pressures of their hectic lives in the arms of powerful healing techniques. And with so much chaos in the world, can you blame them?

Crystal healing is the practice of placing crystals along the body in-line with the 7 chakras. It is a long-standing healing technique and is universally considered one of the most powerful there is. Strong enough to cure illness and promote good emotional and spiritual health.

However, the earth has only so many of these powerful crystals, and they must be used sparingly lest we run out.

The word ‘etheric’ implies something that is otherworldly, or ‘unreal’. And as such, etheric crystal healing refers to harnessing the power of crystal healing without crystals physically present.

In order for this to work, individuals undergo an etheric crystal attunement. This is the process that allows you to open your channels to acquire the energy of the crystals directly from the universe without the need for the physical crystal as a medium. This idea is something you may be familiar with if you have undergone Reiki training in Cork.

Once you are attuned to etheric crystals you are able to benefit from etheric crystal healing simply by intent alone.

It works similarly to traditional crystal healing. The etheric crystals are placed along the body, sometimes guided to our chakras by our instincts, in order to increase vibrations to facilitate healing. The difference with etheric crystals when compared to physical ones, is that they vanish once the person undergoing healing has absorbed all the energy they need to heal effectively.

One plus is that the ethereal nature of this healing technique means that it is both child and animal-friendly, so the whole family can benefit from a more balanced life. What’s more, the etheric crystals are unique to you, meaning that healing sessions will be tailored to your needs.

While etheric crystal healing can work perfectly well as a stand-alone therapy. It really compliments the training that the Reiki classes Cork have to offer.