Learn to Maintain Balance in Your Life with Grounding and Protection

The practice of Reiki has been around for centuries. This practice of healing and keeping your energies healthy can benefit you spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and even physically. It is import to keep your energies free-flowing and aligned through Reiki for a balanced life. A few of the ways Reiki can help to harmonize your life are through grounding and protection. If you are looking to attend Reiki classes, Cork can provide a wonderful atmosphere for healing through Lorna Jean. She can help you with grounding and protection and if you are interested in Reiki teaching classes in Cork she can also provide those as well. But, as for the basics on grounding and protection we have compiled an in depth, simple description for beginners to learn by.

What is grounding and protection?

Grounding and protection are both at the core of Reiki healing. For a Reiki guide to be properly prepared to help heal the energy of someone else the guide must be grounded. You need to be a strong spiritual fixture to withstand the task of healing and opening yourself to another person’s energies.

Good and bad energies and karma can be transferred when dealing with Reiki, so it is important that the reiki guide is well grounded. As a guide, you must remain in the moment and always aware of your energies.

If you do not recognize your energies and completely allow yourself to feel in the moment you will not be completely grounded.

Taking deep breathes and imagining the literal grounding of your feet into the floor through tree roots can help many to enter this phase. If you are not properly grounded and in the moment, you may open your own aura up to bad energies and karma that can transfer into your space easily when practicing Reiki.

Protection is also a very important part of Reiki practices. Grounding can help to protect your energies immensely. Bad energy tends to flow from areas of strength to areas of weakness.

If you are completely in the moment and grounded you are much less likely to open your energy up to bad energies or karma. With a strong defense against bad energy you can practice Reiki safely and provide a good experience for yourself and the Reiki patient as well.Learn how to ground and protect yourself through Reiki classes in Douglas, Cork with Lorna Jean.

These fundamental practices are necessary to safely and effectively practice or receive Reiki treatments. Once mastered grounding and protection can be used in everyday life as well, not just during Reiki treatments.

Grounding and protection can help you to be more self aware and in the moment which leads to healthier energies. Keeping not only your physical body healthy, but your mental and spiritual energies in tip top shape as well can help you to lead the most balanced lifestyle.