Do you experience Anxiety?

If you have experienced anxiety you know how debilitating it can be to everyday living, social events or even a simple trip to the local store. As counterintuitive as this may sound Anxiety is a natural response in the body. But natural to what ?

Anxiety is generated below our conscious thinking mind by a deeper portion of our mind namely The Shadow. At this level of our mind we store parts of ourselves we have rejected for a variety of different reasons. Deeper to this level is where we store our instinct in what we term the Unconscious. We are instinctual by nature. Take the simple example of the baby being born knowing how to feed on the mothers breast, a primary instinct of hunger. When we stop listening to that baseline embedded instinct that acts as our directional compass, the Unconscious conveys a message from the deepest part of us. This message comes in the form of Anxiety, letting us know something we are doing is not going in the right direction.

Anxiety is designed to feel uncomfortable in the hope that we will stop ,listen, re-evaluate and change direction. It is a calling. That is in essence its purpose and looking at the bigger picture one can see the benefit, if it alters our life path to one that is more aligned with who we really are. Herein lies contentment. Isn’t that what we are all reaching for? Natural Healing Systems, such as Reiki and Meditation can retrain us to listen to those instincts and shed light on obscure messages from our the depths of our being.