5 Different Ways Which Reiki Can Be Used

Reiki (pronounced Rey – key) is a system of energy healing developed in Japan. It is based around the principle that the life force, or energy, that flows through every living thing can become blocked or disrupted which leads to illness and disease. Reiki is safe to be performed in pregnancy and on babies, children the elderly and with ill people.

It can be performed from a tutor to a student, in a group or as a self-treatment, on your own. It is easy to learn and doesn’t need any lengthy training. Lorna Jean offers individual sessions in Energy Medicine, using lots of healing modalities and she offers Reiki courses based in Douglas, Cork; where you can learn how to perform Reiki.

Reiki can help you in all sorts of areas!

Side Effects of Medication

Reiki can be used to alleviate the side effects of medications. It is sometimes used by medical professionals as an add-on to conventional treatments. Some medications have quite disturbing side effects – headaches, nausea, muscle aches, and Reiki can be used to alleviate the symptoms enabling the medication to work to its full potential.

Mental Health Problems

Reiki can be very useful in relieving anxiety, which is a symptom associated with most mental health problems. Reiki promotes a sense of calm and inner peace which is helpful when the mind is feeling overwhelmed or disordered.FatigueFatigue can be a side effect of other conditions, a side effect of medications or a health problem on its own. It can also be a symptom of our modern lifestyles.

Reiki can help to promote a restful mind and a sense of peace which will help alleviate the fatigue and stimulate energy while making the mind restful and helping with sleep patterns. Reiki can be useful for shift workers, where the body is trying to adapt to having a varied sleep pattern.

Severe Illness

Some cancer units have a Reiki centre attached to the unit, or Reiki trained staff. Reiki calms the mind and body and allows the traditional treatments to work. The anxiety of the diagnosis and fear of the future can make it hard for the body to heal as well as it is capable, Reiki helps to calm the mind and promote a level of acceptance.

Reiki is also used to alleviate some of the distressing side effects of the treatments and to help the person deal with the emotional side of their illness.


Most illnesses and many disabilities have some associated level of pain. Pain often makes the sufferer less able to live a full life with their disability or illness and less able to help themselves. Pain medication is not always very effective and some medications cannot be used long term.

As Reiki helps the body to heal sometimes the pain medication can be lowered or even withdrawn (with the support of a medical professional).

As you can see, Reiki is a useful thing to learn, and it is not hard to get started. Pop along to one of Lorna Jean’s Reiki classes in Douglas, Cork.