5 Ways to Help you Create a Sacred Space

It is a very busy and stressful life, throwing problems at us at all times. We need a space to get us away from all of the stimuli; a room or corner where we can be quiet and still, connect with ourselves and detach from everything. Here we can meditate, be mindful, breathe, pray, practice yoga, draw, write, read, or just sit and reflect. It needs to be somewhere we feel loved and restored, where we can practice self-love, giving us the strength to get back out there and continue on with the fight.

You can create a fantastic space for private reflection in even the smallest home and on the tiniest budget. Here are five ways to help you to create a sacred space for you to retreat to.

Find a room or corner or part of the garden that you can claim as your own sacred space, it should be uncluttered. Hang a pretty curtains or beads, or put up a beautiful screen to designate this space as separate from the rest of the space in your home. If your home is too small to have this amount of space set aside you could have a portable sacred space; have a beautiful box with your meaningful objects in it, and a special cushion that you only use for this purpose.
Create a comfortable spot you can sit and contemplate or meditate with colourful cushions or a straight-backed chair.
Set up an altar with objects of spiritual energy. Cover it with a lovely cloth, and then decorate it with items such as candles, incense or oil burners, natural objects, crystals and religious tokens. These objects should awaken your five senses.
Include plants and flowers for energy and color. Also include pictures of beautiful vistas that give you a feeling of peace and harmony such as gardens, rainforests, mountains, and water.
Add music to help you meditate and focus. Add books that provide you with spiritual inspiration, either for reading, writing, drawing or coloring. Add a pretty lamp or other soft lighting as you like.

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Think about what you want from the space and what you would like to include it; make it your own individual retreat. Follow your intuition when deciding how it should be. The key to making this sacred space work for you is the ability to go there uninterrupted. There needn’t be complete silence in your home, as this is close to impossible, but you should be able to focus on your thoughts or on the spiritual task you have chosen. It generally helps to not have small boisterous children squeezing in to the sacred space beside you, although if they are old enough to participate with you you could include them in your sacred rituals.

Retreat to this sacred space when you need it, try to start with at least five minutes a day, and spend time refocussing; you’ll become calmer, clearer and happier. Let the space evolve over time; remove items when they lose meaning for you, and add new ones as your spiritual needs change and grow. Spend your time finding joy in the world, practicing gratitude, and being kind to yourself.