5 Ways Reiki Can Be Used For Self-healing

Reiki is Life Force Energy. You don’t need to be particularly clever to perform Reiki, neither do you need to have studied for years. A student learns Reiki though the process of attunement – once the student is attuned to the Reiki (life force) energy they are able to use it. It can do no harm and it is not dependent on the individual’s beliefs or personality.

This makes Reiki a great option for self-healing.Lorna Jean, based in Douglas, Cork offers Reiki courses to attune you to the energy and enable you to use the energy to heal yourself.

Lifestyle Change

Reiki is great for helping you to make lifestyle changes and to stick to the changes. Things like weight loss, giving up smoking or curbing alcohol. People often have a strong desire to make a change, which helps them start but after a few days their determination wanes and they fail. Using Reiki helps you to stay focussed.

Allow yourself regular times during the day to perform a Reiki treatment and keep Reiki symbols and affirmations with you, to keep you focussed on your goal.

Curbing Fears

When we think of doing something we are afraid or unsure of (let’s take public speaking as an example) we will find all sorts of ways to avoid doing it. We might decide someone else is better, put off working on it until the last minute or even develop an illness to avoid the public speaking. Using Reiki, you can challenge these negative emotions.

As you work on the piece you will be performing you might notice a feeling of nausea rising. Use your Reiki self-help to alleviate the feelings. You might start to feel hot and sweaty when you imagine delivering the piece. Use your Reiki to overcome the feelings. In time, you will be able to deliver you piece of public speaking confidently.

Healing Illnesses

If you are suffering from a cough or cold you can use your Reiki treatments to help cure yourself. Give yourself time to perform regular Reiki sessions and remember to drink plenty and the energy will help your body heal.

Your Reiki treatments will make your calmer and less anxious about your health, which will make you feel better and help you to heal. Remember that Reiki works well alongside traditional medicine, so be sure to seek medical treatment if necessary! Use you Reiki self-help alongside you traditional treatment.​


Reiki leaves you with a lovely sensation of calm and restfulness, which can help with insomnia. The Reiki helps to harmonise the energy centres in the body, which when practised before sleeping can give you a wonderful night of sleep and more energy the next day.

Reducing Stress

Using Reiki self-treatment can reduce your daily stress levels, helping you to live more happily and be more content. Daily life can have many stresses; traffic jams, distressing news articles, workloads, the list goes on.

Using your Reiki practise will help you to deal with the trials of daily life and help you to see the stresses for what they actually are, rather than allowing them to become all encompassing. Reiki can help you to manage your reactions to these stresses, too.

Attending one of Lorna Jean’s Reiki classes is a great way to learn this useful skill.