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Welcome to Cork Healing Centre

Located in Blarney Cork, Cork Healing Centre is a multi-disciplinary holistic health care clinic.

The Team at Cork Healing Centre are highly experienced and compassionate therapists and educators who came together through an understanding of a whole health approach.

The team is dedicated to offering exceptional client care with a holistic and compassionate approach.


Lorna Jean Bolster

Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Consultant & Clinic Director

+353 (83) 376 6565‬

[email protected]

Nicola Reynolds MA H.Dip Coaching & Positive Psychology, Couples Coaching

Nicola Reynolds

Coaching & Positive Psychology, Couples Coaching, Reiki Energy Therapist

+353 (85) 147 1806

Christina O Connor

Holistic Therapist , Life Coach & Rahanni Therapist

+353 (85) 754 8502‬

Cliona O Hanlon

Intuitive Energy Therapist, Coach / Mentor  & Ceremonialist

‭+353 (85) 828 2625‬

Geraldine Desmond

Reflexologist & Energy Therapist

+353 (86) 818 1385‬

Helen Mc Sweeeny

Reflexologist & Massage Therapist

+353 (87) 930 8535

Majella Mordaunt

Lactaction Consultant & Reflexologist

+353 (86) 194 3967‬

Margherita Bertoli

Osteopath at Blarney Osteopathic Clinic

(021) 234 8807‬

Marine Schirru

Osteopath at Blarney Osteopathic Clinic

(021) 234 8807

Naoise Galvin

Shamanic Sound Facilitator & Energy Therapist

+353 (83) 151 7521

Olga Rumiantsava

Numerology, Coaching and Reiki

+353 (87) 415 1996

Tracey Anne

Medium, Medical Intuitive & Angel Energy Healer

+353 86 163 1808‬

Vivienne Lillis


+353 (89) 435 7193

Sue Cotter

Access Facilitator & Energy Therapist

+353 (87) 955 4887‬

Aoife Douglas

Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor

+353 (85) 222 2206‬

Ania Kmieciak

Bowen Therapy, Nurse

+353 (89) 250 9987

Jennifer Hogan

Low Cost Counseling

+353 (89) 250 9987

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“It is with a wonderfully grateful heart that I write you this feedback following your reiki 2 training Lorna Jean.

I loved the openness of the conversation;
All questions, answers and experiences were treated with complete inclusivity ;
The depth of knowledge shared was fantastic and (as a scientist) I loved that you even delved into the physics of energy healing;
I loved that you were not afraid to allow freedom in how treatments can be given;
I thought how you brought the conversation back to core reiki fundamentals was brilliant…and necessary.

Overall, the training was utterly fantastic. You willingly share your wisdom and vast expertise with a freedom void of fear and your teachings are totally and transparently from a place of love. It is an absolute pleasure to train with you and I am really looking forward to working with you next weekend and on.

Thank you so much for sharing your time and yourself with me. I am deeply grateful.

Much love”


“Our two-day REIKI MASTERS course in March 2023 was inspiring.

Lorna Jean, our teacher, showed calm reassuring focus throughout the course and combined a refreshing openness with a palpable reverence for the learning space she was providing for us at the Cork Healing Centre. In such a space, warmth, humour and honesty thrived. All these factors combined to create a sanctuary for two days where hearts opened, intuition flowed and unasked questions were answered. Best of all, we, each of us, let our light shine generously with each other in that space and after the course finished, went home armed with enthusiasm and manuals, invigorated in spirit for the next step of the way.

Lorna Jean shared her learning with us in a way that was comprehensive, expansive and readily understandable. She was open to answer any questions we felt like asking and committed her time and energy in a heartfelt manner to enrich our learning experience.

Honestly, a joyful experience.

Thank you.”


“I have been going to Lorna Jean for over eleven years. My wife and two sons have also benefitted hugely from Lorna Jean’s practice. I always found her professional and warm and sincere. Lorna Jean is very perceptive and I always felt very reassured and confident in her insightful end of session analysis. Lorna Jean’s treatments consistently provided a noticeable and significant improvement in both my physical and emotional health. Her practice is immaculate and a very soothing environment and I consider Lorna Jean to be incredibly talented and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”


“‘A Bridge Over Troubled Water.’
This is how I would describe my journey of healing with Lornajean.  I visited her at a time of stress in my life, which was reflected in my body by severe stomach issues.  Slowly but surely, I began to heal using the many insights I gained during Lornajean’s treatments.  Reflexology was my therapy of choice, however I have no doubt that every therapy Lornajean offers is infused with her magical healing touch.”


“Yes Lorna Jean is Amazing and the days we worked together were Special too. She is so special and she only wants the best for you. She wants the energy healing light to shine for you and she brings out the best in you.”


“Hi Lorna, I was a Client of yours back in 2018… I want to say an enormous THANK YOU TO YOU as had I not visited your surgery i would not have been alerted to potentially life changing Health problems in the future. Following further investigations I required surgery and recovering well. You are truly amazing thank you ?”


“Just want to say a huge thank you for your help and guidance all year, I truly believe it is has brought a spark back into my life in so many ways and has given me the courage to face the truth about myself and how I want to be going forward… you have a wonderful gift and i hope you continue with this work for a long time difficult as it might get for you.. again a huge thank you and i wish for you all the happiness and joy that 2020 has to offer. ”


“Lorna Jean is a wonderful, warm, gentle, caring and healing lady.I get total relaxation and a great sense of calm and peace from her treatments. I always feel better after visiting her. She is amazing.”


“I have been to Lorna Jean for energy work and she is phenomenal to say the least, her understanding and reading of bodies is amazing, she is intuitive, kind and caring. I would highly recommend Lorna Jean, especially if you are feeling anyway stuck in your life, I have always felt so light and clear headed having left her clinic, I feel so lucky to know her, ???”


“I have recently completed a course in Indian Head massage and I have to say that the level of teaching by Lorna Jean is extremely professional whilst always making her students feel at ease. I am looking forward to to learning more from Lorna Jean in the future as it is obvious that she has a great deal to offer, both professionally and spiritually.”


“Did two fab courses in Reiki and Access by Lornajean in a very relaxed environment. She taught it in a way that even I could understand and remember and am now using my skills on others . Looking forward to doing more in the future.”


“My life is quite hectic juggling between two different jobs. My energy levels were low and I used to feel a bit moody. Talking with one of my friends about it he recommend me to go for one of  Lornajeans energy session . After the first Reiki session I felt the benefit of it. I felt very grounded and easy, relaxed in my body and energized.

Also Lornajean gave me a good insight as to what was going on with me, that helped me to change a  few things in my daily life and understand myself a bit better. I will recommend Lornajean highly, her sessions are tailored  to what the person needs in that moment. It was a big help for me.
Thank you.”


“Since I have known Lornajean she has always been 100% immersed in the ever weird and wonderful of Holistics, Spirituality and Consciousness. Over the years we would have attended many event and workshops together sharing an interest in living in the question of “what else is there?”, “what else is possible?” and “what are the infinite possibilities?”. I can safely say, hand on heart that there are few people who are more dedicated to their profession than Lornajean.  Be careful, your life could change”


“I have had the privilege of knowing Lorna Jean for a number of years. Her kind and non judgemental approach assisted me through challenging times. I have attended her meditation classes and through which she assisted me to realise more of my true potential. I have also received many one on one energy sessions from her which where simply amazing and transformational. She is truly gifted and a contribution to anyone who is ready to become more conscious and present in their lives. Words don’t even convey the talents of this wonderful lady. I am beyond grateful for meeting her along my path in this confused world. With so much gratitude for all that you do and be.”


“Very enjoyable course [Diving Deep 6 week course], very insightful, great discussions would highly recommend anyone to take this time out for themselves and reflect …”


“I have just completed a 6 week course called Diving Deep with Lorna Jean. I have definitely began to look at things very differently. Lorna Jean made me feel very welcome and comfortable on the course , with this whole area being new to me this was a massive help.

Lorna Jean is very professional, approachable and communicates very well. Her standard of teaching is one of the highest I have experienced both in military and civilian courses in the past 20 years. Her information and knowledge in her field is fascinating and her ability to break it down into understandable components is a credit to her ability as a teacher. I would highly recommend Lorna Jean for anyone that is new to the field of self development. It is amazing what you can change with the help of this fascinating lady.”


“I have been going to see Lorna Jean as a therapist for over 6 years, Lorna Jean has never failed to amaze me in your natural ability to read and understand what I am going through before I even begin my session. She is extremely intuitive and has told me things that have arisen while she was working on me that have been so precise it’s uncanny.

A very simple example of how effective Lorna Jeans work is once during a session, I had been suffering from very bad tennis elbow the pain was so bad that day, I rang my GP about getting an appointment to see her the following day. I was not going to see Lorna Jean about my Elbow and I didn’t mention it to her at all before we began. During the session I felt the pain in my elbow increase it became very uncomfortable and then I felt a warm sensation down my arm. As always when I am getting energy work done, I drifted off into a very deep relaxed state which is amazing in itself as you feel so relaxed and refreshed afterwards. When I finished and went home I felt great but never noticed my elbow it wasn’t until later that evening it struck it that my elbow was completely pain free and has been ever since, that was 2 years ago.

I have had some extremely strong reactions to Lorna Jeans work, some have been very uncomfortable and quite surreal as you in a way lose control over your body but the results have always been worth it. I can’t rate Lorna jean high enough she is always extremely professional but she also has genuine compassion and kindness coupled with phenomenal skills.

Warmest regards”


“I’ve attended and participated in hands on healing sessions with Lorna Jean over the years. She is very engaged with her clients and illustrates the sometimes abstract concepts of energy work in human terms to give some context to the client of what she does. Initially I attended her clinic for physical work but later ended up getting several types of energy work done. Having may therapies under her belt, she takes a wide approach to healing both mind and body and always left feeling better and more positive both physically and emotionally. I cannot recommend her enough as a healer and a teacher as we certainly need more healers like her in the world of today. I wish her every success now and in the future wherever her work takes her …”


I have attended reiki sessions and meditation and i found lorna jean to be very passionate, knowledgeable and enthusiastic in her teachings.She is very down to earth and approachable which makes it easier to connect with her.She has a non judgemental attitude which helped me to open up during reiki classes.The meditation classes helped to relieve anxieities and to help view things in a more clearer and positive way. It also helped me to re engage with myself on a deepeer level which has brought a lot of benefits to my life! Thanks ”


“Lorna displays a tireless commitment to her work. When it comes to getting your energy flowing, Lorna will make it happen for you.
As a teacher she displays a high standard of knowledge and expertise, and endorses a culture that has care at its core. A truly inspirational person!

Kind Regards”

Dr Teresa

“I’ve only recently found out about Lorna Jean. I was blown away, Lorna is an amazing person and the professional service I received was outstanding. On each and every visit treatment was amazing. I’ll not go anywhere else in the future and it is so close to home, the staff are so pleasant and friendly that I’m strongly recommending Lornajean Therapies no everyone.”


“I’m currently doing my second course with Lornajean, she so good I keep coming back for more. If your seeking the knowledge then look know further, you won’t be disappointed.”